Change, as they say, is constant. Like death and taxes, you can count on the fact that change is unavoidable.

But change isn’t like death nor taxes.

We often think that change is happening to us, when in fact, change is happening for us. It aids our personal growth, allows us to evolve as a society and encourages us to continually add value to our organisations.

In fact, how we respond to change is a crucial determinant on our happiness, success and relationships.

But the fact remains: If you do not experience it often, it will feel uncomfortable, unsettling and quite often, out of our control.

The challenge

Such was the case for HarperCollins Publishers Australia – one of the world’s largest and Australia’s oldest publishing house.

Few industries have experienced change like the publishing industry has over the last 5 years.

Facing unprecedented disruption and margin pressure due to significant technological change, foreign competition and changes to consumer reading habits, the need to adapt and innovate has never been more critical.

Teams everywhere – regardless of industry – are now required to work smarter, with less people and at a rate never before experienced, and leaders everywhere have the very important task of keeping morale high while continuing to deliver through the constant disruption.

The solution

TDC Global were engaged to create a bespoke Resilience Leadership Capability series, designed to equip and retain their top talent.

The program ran over 3 separate sessions and focussed on the 3 biggest challenges that they faced as a company:

  • Stress
  • Change
  • Resilience

We saw a diverse mix of seniority and job functions from all corners of the business – from Sales and Marketing through to Editorial and Customer Service – many of whom had not worked together before.

We worked closely with participants, direct managers and senior management to create a Learning and Development program that would not only address immediate growth areas, but to also do so in a way that would be easily transferable to the wider team and scalable to allow for greater impact.

  • The company: Harper Collins
  • Service: Consulting & Bespoke Training
The course was fantastic. It provides you with the tools to encourage, empower, and the ability to negotiate when needed. My sales team will benefit from what I learnt and experienced during the day. The EQ test results were fascinating and provided a real insight into what areas I need to improve. A great day worth experiencing. The feedback I have had from all the participants, their managers and what I’ve observed myself is the program was highly effective – and the positive energy and change it has created in employee behaviours has been nothing short of amazing.

Harper Collins Publishers, Director of People and Technology

The results & takeaways

Through end-to-end diagnostic, we were thrilled to see that these groups
average Resilience Capability rating had increased from 2.7 to 4.3 out of 5 – a 60% increase!

Further to this, participants shared the following progress highlights:

  • Being more considered
    before responding to a problem

  • Shift in attitude
    and not taking situations personally

  • Letting their team speak more
    and express their concerns (and successes)

  • Understanding the
    Change Management Cycle

    and coaching team members
    through the stages

  • Less context switching
    better focus on one task at a time

  • Deeper understanding of EQ
    to know when making Emotional decisions vs logical

  • Using
    Design Thinking techniques
    to identify areas to save money

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