When individuals return to the workforce following a career break, the gap in their resume often impacts their career trajectory in the long term; leading to an untapped pool of under-utilised high-calibrate talent.

In particular, when mothers return from career breaks after having children, they pay a “motherhood penalty”, reporting widespread underemployment and underutilisation. This can translate to a lack of access to meaningful, fulfilling work, while organisations struggle to attract and retain top talent.

Returnship programs are key to reducing career break penalties, and organisations that get it right enjoy the benefits of a wider talent pool, towards improved business outcomes.

“We’re sending our daughters into a workplace designed for our dads.”

– Melinda Gates

TDC Global’s Returnship Program considers the specific challenges that people who are returning to work face & the tangible ways in which impact can be sustained through both network & skill development.

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Who it’s for

Businesses who are committed about fostering the careers of under represented talent, mitigating unconscious bias and unlocking the benefits of diversity, equity and inclusion at all levels of the organisation.



How we do it

Our Returnship Program involves a multi-faceted, evidence-based approach including best-practice Returnship Program development and design, and attracting and activating people returning to work from our extensive, qualified network. Your organisation doesn’t have to reinvent the wheel; with our powerful experience and networks in the gender equity space, returnship is easier and more cost-effective.

  • Phase 1:
    Discover & Design

    – Discovery workshop and leadership playback

    – Develop program and user guide

    – Recommendations on program design, roadmap & principles

  • Phase 2:
    Activate & Attract

    – Develop promotional strategy to engage and attract talent from the TDC Global’s network of +60k

    – 3-month employer brand campaign

The Business Impact

Activating the Return-to-Work pipeline isn’t just a “nice-to-have”, it’s a growing necessity – and a fantastic opportunity for proactive organisations. By 2030, 75% of the workforce will be made up of millennials who will be 35yrs-45yrs, the primary age for women to take leave to perform caring duties; businesses who continue with the status quo risk being left behind while their competitors benefit from a diverse and engaged workforce.


Experience the impact

Key Outcomes

  • Access to an underdeveloped talent pipeline

  • Identify strengths, weaknesses and opportunities to support women returning to their careers

  • Understand and mitigate barriers to attraction, retainment and advancement of people returning to work

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