Companies far and wide have made public commitments to achieve gender equality targets, however the ones who have actually met them are few and far between.

Change is a decision and if there is anything COVID19 has taught us, it is that it took less than 100 days for the world to settle into the “new normal” and embrace a new way of living and working. 

With this insight, The Dream Collective is partnering with organisations who no longer want to accept slow progress and are equally impatient to see a gender equal world, to build 50/50 leadership teams in 100 days.

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WHY 50/50?

The formula for effective crisis leadership:

A 50/50 leadership team

Gender equal leadership teams outperform all other leadership teams in their ability to innovate, pivot and achieve the highest score of employee engagement.

During COVID-19, we set out to uncover which organisations were better positioned to adapt well in a rapidly changing environment.

In collaboration with global data and insights company, Dynata, we found that companies who performed the best during COVID19 were those with a gender equal leadership team.  These organisations were able to innovate, pivot and adapt better than those that were predominantly female-led and male-led leadership teams, respectively.

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What does this mean for companies post-COVID19?

  • The post-COVID-19 rebuild is not going back to normal, but establishing a new normal and BUILDING BACK BETTER
  • We know that diverse teams perform the best, which has once again been highlighted in this national research
  • Over 250 companies in Australia alone have pledged 50/50
  • Some are expecting 50/50 in 2030
The time to rebuild is now, and it starts with the leadership team.

How we get you there

We work with companies to develop a tailored, 100-day action plan which is executed across three stages.

  • 1. Ready:
    Discovery & Diagnostic

    Conduct a full diagnostic and align on goals

  • 2. Set
    Preparation & Planning

    Develop roadmap as customised for the individual company

  • 3. Go
    Execution Plan

    Implement roadmap, fully equipped to achieve goals and ensure long-term success

Let’s build your roadmap to 50/50

Get to 50/50

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