Are you looking to return to work following a career break?

Allow us to support your transition through our free SheReturns platform, events and community of women taking their first step back into the professional world, together.

SheReturns aims to help you overcome barriers to re-entry, equip you to kickstart your returnship journey and connect you with job and skill development opportunities.

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Who should join

SheReturns is designed for you if:

  • You have have taken a career break and are looking to return to work with 4+ years of professional experience
  • You are seeking employment and/or further skill development opportunities

Content Overview

SheReturns focuses on empowering you to confidently build upon the skills you developed earlier in your career and use them as a springboard to your future role. The platform will include a live, re-skill and up-skill webinar series on the below topics, and resources to support you on your returnship journey.

  • 1: Rediscover
    • Articulating & understanding your worth
    • – Address the common misconceptions and barriers about returning to work
    • – Explore the transition of personal and professional identity on the returnship journey

  • 2: Reinvent
    • Re-framing confidence & career direction
    • – Understand and articulate the advantages of having a career break
    • – Redefining career direction based on personal values

  • 3: Rebuild
    • Understanding why you are needed in the workforce today & how you can contribute
    • – Understand emerging tech skills needed for the future of work
    • – Building human-centered and transferable skills – how to identify and align them to in-demand skills

  • 4: Renew
    • Discovering emerging possibilities
    • – Explore employment opportunities with SheReturns partners
    • – Determine the right opportunity for your next career move

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Your SheReturns Experience

All participants have the full support of The Dream Collective team as well as
ongoing connections to their peer networks established with the SheReturns community.
Some of the benefits include:

  • Join a community of returners

    Engage & network with a community of women sharing a similar experience of transitioning back to work

  • Access to opportunities

    Explore employment & skill development opportunities with our partners.

  • Engage in live, digital events

    Have your questions answered & hear from speakers sharing their personal returnship experiences & advice

  • Ongoing support & resources

    Access a curated resources section to support your returnship experience.

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SheReturns is free – there is no cost for participants, and never will be.

  • – Become part of a community of women transitioning back to work
  • – Engage in live, interactive digital events
  • – Access to employment and skill development opportunities
  • – Ongoing support and resources

No, enrolments are always open and you can access and revisit at any time. There are live sessions which you will need to register for in order to attend, however the recordings will be shared for those who are unable to attend live. 

Yes, absolutely. There is no pressure to pursue any of the opportunities in SheReturns and you are welcome to join the community and live sessions until you feel ready to start applying for opportunities. 

We recommend SheReturns for those who have had a career break of 6+ months, however, there is no limitation on who can join, so if you have had a career break of less than that and feel that you would benefit from SheReturns, we encourage you to enrol.

Yes, 100%! We encourage all of our She Pivots and SheDares alumna that have had a career break to enrol in SheReturns. 

SheReturns has been designed to support women with their workforce re-entry and is based upon barriers women tend to face. However, the content is beneficial for anyone who has had a career break, and therefore we don’t restrict enrolments to those who identify as a woman.

Participants may enrol from anywhere in the world. However, please note that career transition opportunities with our partners and referral rewards are only available in Australia at this stage.

The partners that have joined our mission are proactively looking to hire women that are returning to the workforce and have opportunities available right now.


There is no commitment that participants will secure a job from SheReturns. Participants will be directed to current job opportunities with partners, as well as options to consider for their next steps.

Please email, and a team member will be happy to answer any additional questions you may have.

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Google Rating
Based on 43 reviews


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