Diverse talent rarely reach the top of their organisations, and the key reason is often a lack of advancement opportunities. In a world where white men still hold most positions of power, sponsorship removes roadblocks – so your organisation can overcome systemic biases, and make the most of its people.

“The evidence is clear: women tend to be over-mentored and under-sponsored.”

– Harvard Business Review

Diverse talent are often locked out of critical networks, missing out on building relationships with senior leaders to advocate for their career progression. Changing this dynamic involves intentional effort, but many organisations struggle to get sponsorship right.

TDC Global has designed our Sponsorship program to consider the barriers that diverse talent face, and create advocacy, accountability and tangible action plans to accelerate diverse talent promotion and sustain long-term impact.

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Who it’s for

Businesses who are committed about fostering the careers of members from under represented groups (URG), mitigating unconscious bias and unlocking the benefits of diversity, equity and inclusion at all levels of the organisation.



How we do it

Our Sponsorship program includes joint kick-off sessions with Sponsors and Sponsees to ensure clarity on rules of engagement, expectations and keys to a successful sponsorship relationship. Throughout the 12-month program, we continue to work with HR to deliver on the measurements of success. The Sponsorship program includes:

  • Design, deployment and analysis of pre and post-program surveys
  • Check-ins for Sponsees throughout program
  • Guidebooks for Sponsor and Sponsee detailing expectations, responsibilities, frequency and guiding principles for seamless execution and maintenance

Our three-phased, evidence-based approach will help your organisation to retain and advance top under represented group (URG) talent, fostering environments where they can be their best.

  • Phase 1:
    Discovery & Analysis

    – Diagnostic: alignment meeting, pre-surveys, and Thomas International Personality Assessments

    – Preparation: customisation and design of toolkit and guidebook, customised 12-month framework

  • Phase 2:
    Design & Activation

    – Program kick-off: sponsor and sponsee orientation and kickoff sessions

    – Pulse checks: quarterly sponsor/sponsee surveys and client check-in

    – Networking and knowledge sessions*

    *Tier 1 only

  • Phase 3:
    Playback & Scale

    – Post-program survey

    – Closing session

    – Leadership playback session

+ End-to-end project management over 12-months

The Business Impact

The #1 priority right now for APAC businesses is quality talent retention, and the business case for getting diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) right is clear. Companies with the highest representation of women on their boards financially outperform those with the fewest, and DEI improves a wide variety of outcomes including employee engagement and job satisfaction, buy-in and trust, innovation and risk reduction.


Experience the impact

Key Outcomes

  • Under represented group (URG) talent feel genuinely valued, with opportunities for growth

  • Increased job satisfaction and employee engagement

  • Improved employer brand

  • Stronger talent pipeline

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