In today’s globalised world, the business case for diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) management is clear. But is your company getting it right? Where are you really standing – and where do you need to go?

TDC Global’s Needs Analysis helps you to understand the on-the-ground realities at your company through a discovery and playback approach, grounded in best-practice DEI research and management expertise.

“Diversity drives innovation – when we limit who can contribute, we in turn limit what problems we can solve.”

– Telle Whitney, former CEO of the Anita Borg Institute for Women and Technology

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Who it’s for

Businesses looking to embed diversity, equity and inclusion across all business units, fostering environments where a diverse range of employee perspectives are valued.



How we do it

Needs Analysis involves a mixed-methods approach including our proprietary Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Maturity Evaluation (DEI ME) diagnostic tool, as well as employee sentiment surveys, leadership interviews, and listening sessions with with different diversity groups at your company.

We’ll then share back findings in an interactive session with your leadership team, helping them to understand the diverse perspectives of key stakeholders; achieve clarity on where your company is today; and explore tangible pathways forward.

Our multifaceted, evidence-based approach will help you identify and grasp opportunities, so you can make the most of any organisation’s most valuable resource: fulfilled, valued and engaged employees.

  • Phase 1:

    – DEI ME Diagnostic Tool – business leaders assess DEI maturity across 4 critical people pillars

    – DEI ME Employee Sentiment Survey – measuring consistencies and disparities between organisational structures and employee experience

  • Phase 2:

    – Leadership interviews – qualify findings of DEI ME analysis from a “top down” perspective

    – Listening sessions – gaining deeper understanding of diverse employee experiences

  • Phase 3:
    Playback &

    – Leadership playback session

    – Diversity, equity and inclusion recommendations report

The Business Impact

The #1 priority right now for Australian businesses is quality talent retention. Organisations which get diversity, equity and inclusion right will attract, retain and advance top talent. They outperform competitors, improve employee engagement and job satisfaction, build buy-in and trust, foster innovation and reduce risk.


Experience the impact

Key Outcomes

  • Identified potential areas and triggers of bias throughout the employee and candidate experience

  • Understand diverse perspectives of key stakeholders and how these may inhibit or excel your diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) agenda

  • Understand how diverse and inclusive your hiring, training and advancement practices are in the eyes of employees

  • View gaps through the lens of both URGs (underrepresented groups) and non-URGs

  • Get clarity on where your organisation is today and tangible steps required to progress

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