Our Inclusive Hiring Audit offers an in-depth expert analysis of your end-to-end recruitment process to assess your organisation’s hiring diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) maturity. We provide an overview of current biases, and prepare best-practice recommendations to increase diverse hires at your organisation.

“By creating a diverse workforce, your teams are pushed to think outside their comfort zone and challenge new thoughts or ideas.”

– Diversity Council of Australia

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The Business Impact

The #1 priority right now for APAC businesses is quality talent retention, and the business case for getting diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) right is clear. Companies with the highest representation of women on their boards financially outperform those with the fewest, and DEI improves a wide variety of outcomes including employee engagement and job satisfaction, buy-in and trust, innovation and risk reduction.

Experience the impact

How we do it

Inclusive hiring doesn’t just happen – and when it’s not happening, it’s not always obvious. That’s why TDC Global takes a multifaceted, evidence-based approach to exploring your recruitment and selection processes. We use a focused, practical and structured methodology consisting of two distinct phases, designed to discover your organisation’s current state of play and develop tailored recommendations to enable your organisation to strategically accelerate its inclusive hiring.

  • Phase 1:
    Quantitative & Qualitative
    Discovery (Roadmap)

    – External (i.e. Employer brand, hiring evaluation)

    – Internal (i.e Interview and candidate shortlisting process)

  • Phase 2:
    Playback & Recommendation

    – Leadership playback

    – Recommendation report

Full Roadmap

The Inclusive Hiring Audit takes an end-to-end roadmap approach, analysing each stage of the hiring process from attraction to selection, and identifying strengths, weaknesses and opportunities to improve.

  • External: Employer Brand & Hiring Evaluation
    • Attraction and sourcing
    • Job posting and ads
    • Candidate journey
  • Internal: Selection & Assessment Evaluation
    • Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Maturity Evaluator (DEI ME) – hiring
    • Workforce planning
    • Candidate journey – post-application
    • Assessment process and format
    • Candidate selection
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Our Solution

  • Recommendation Report:
    • Focus on the right initiatives to optimise effort and resources towards embedding equitable hiring practices
    • Understand your strengths and opportunities to reduce biases impacting your inclusive hiring goals
    • Facilitate strategic conversations on how to accelerate diversity hiring
  • Leadership Playback
    • Discuss and work together to prioritise the insights shared in the recommendations report
    • Hear diverse perspectives of key stakeholders and how these may inhibit or excel your diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) agenda
    • Gain a clear understanding on potential barriers, next steps, roles and responsibilities and success metrics
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Key Outcomes

  • Identified potential areas and triggers of bias in the talent acquisition (hiring and selection) process

  • Developed a clear solution and execution plan to remove identified biases in hiring and selection process

  • Increase diverse candidate applications

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