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The Digital Emerging Leaders Program is designed to encourage collaboration through facilitated discussion, debate and skills training, to deliver the skills and knowledge required to succeed in today’s ever-evolving and highly competitive corporate landscape.

The program focuses on 6 key areas:

  • Leadership Confidence
  • Building Resilience & a Growth Mindset
  • Inclusive Leadership & Unconscious Bias
  • Courageous Communication
  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Personal Branding & Executive Presence

Who the program is for

Our Emerging Leaders Program is designed for:

  • Early-mid career professional females, currently preparing for their first or second leadership role
  • Individuals with high career aspirations and potential looking to develop their leadership capabilities

2-day immersive program

Program Overview

Here are the modules we cover during the 2-day, 6-part series that have been specifically curated to help women invest in their own leadership, and learn methods to improve communication and attain influence:

    • Personalised Emotional Intelligence Assessment
    • 180-degree Manager Feedback Loop: Pre, during & post-program
    • Setting a career vision
    • Developing & owning personal brand
    • Tools to cultivate a growth mindset
    • Uncovering & unblocking limiting beliefs that impact confidence
    • Building resilience
    • Methods for developing a leadership mindset

    • Courageous Communication: models for effective feedback & speaking with influence
    • Managing unconscious bias
    • Tools for inclusive leadership & values-based leadership
    • Cultivating a strong network
    • Leadership development blueprint

    • We bring in an Executive industry leader to provide mentorship for the group to ground the lessons learned throughout the program in real-world experience & advice.

    • Participants leave with a strong network of other participants across industries & companies.

Facilitated by

Ms. Rie Ozaki, CEO of Three Mind, graduated from Keio University, with a degree in Political Science from the Faculty of Law. Ms. Ozaki worked for the Human Resources Business division at the Recruit Co. (currently, Recruit Holdings Co., Ltd.)

Since 2001, Ms.Ozaki has implemented and initiated various seminars, including the Value Design Session, Creative Management Meetings, Training for Women and Reform for Way of Working, just to name a few.

Upcoming dates & locations

  • Virtual | Jun 18 - 19

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Program documents

Check out the link below for the program brochure in Japanese.

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Curious to find out more about the program? Speak with us directly using the contact details below - we'd love to hear from you.

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Program outcomes

  • 95%

    95% of participants report feeling adequately equipped with tools to achieve leadership success

  • 83%

    83% of participants report meaningful growth in their network

  • 80%

    80% managers report noticeable improvements in participants confidence & leadership capability

  • 78%

    78% of participants report greater confidence, clarity of their strengths, leadership vision & barriers to it

  • 70%

    70% secure promotion or pay rise within 6-12 months of completing the program

Your program experience

All attendees have the full support of the TDC Global team as well as ongoing connections to their peer networks established within the program. Some of the benefits include:

  • Individual EQ assessment
  • Leadership development blueprint
  • End-to-end manager engagement
  • Post-program group check-in
  • Access to TDC’s online resource hub
  • Invitations & access to alumni events & global network

Trusted by world-leading brands

Discover the impact from leading organisations that partner with us

We deliver in-depth content modules on Self-Leadership and Leading Others.

The content is customised to inspire and engage, driving action and accountability for every woman that goes through our program and ensuring they have a plan to immediately put into practice the skills learnt and developed over 2 days.

The final day ends with our unique Margarita with a Mentor event – a chance for our cohort to connect with a carefully selected female business leader.

Once you have completed the emerging leaders program you are part of TDC Global community, where there will be further opportunities to attend VIP events, engage in evening masterclasses & connect with your cohort on social media and in person.

First of all, congratulations on being a driven self-starter with audacious goals!

  • When considering self-nomination for our programs, we suggest considering the following:
    Will your company support your journey, not just financially (e.g. enrolment) but also providing structures for you to 1) attend and engage, and 2) implement learnings and grow within the company?
  • We would be happy to speak to your HR team with you to support your case for getting involved or to provide tips on how to have the conversation yourself.

  • Increased benefit of multiple participants sharing the learnings & frameworks with their respective teams using a common language, to then be implemented across the organisation.
  • Greater accountability: we encourage participants to connect post-program and check-in with each other’s progress. Our emphasis on peer-to-peer collaboration supports continued learning, alternative perspectives & keeps accountability alive.
  • Have stronger employee engagement of female talent.

Increased retention

  • The program is designed to develop women at the mid-level of their careers, where the highest drop-off of females occurs.
  • Organisations benefit from increased efficiency, drive and retention as employees feel valued when their organisation invests in them.

Improved attraction of high-calibre female talent

  • Future female talent are attracted to the organisation due to opportunities for development.

Greater advancement of female leaders

  • With emerging female talent staying longer at the organisation and being equipped with the tools to lead effectively, they are more likely to advance within the organisation, contributing to higher numbers of female senior leaders and improved female representation across all levels.

We provide individual and group enrolment rates (for organisations nominating 5 or more talent)

Contact us to enquire about the cost model that would best suit you.

Upcoming dates & locations

  • Virtual | Jun 18 - 19

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Program documents

Check out the link below for the program brochure in Japanese.

Have questions?

Curious to find out more about the program? Speak with us directly using the contact details below - we'd love to hear from you.

Google Rating
Based on 43 reviews

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