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SheDares is a free online, interactive learning experience that aims to demystify careers in technology for professional women in non-tech industries and equip them for a pivot into the sector. #SheDares has been brought to life in collaboration with Amazon Web Services and Aspire For Her.


Who should register

Our SheDares program is designed for:

  • Women seeking to change careers or returning to the workforce
  • Women not currently working in the tech industry
4-part digital program

Program Overview & Learning Outcomes

This 4-part, self-paced digital program, takes participants on the journey to open their minds to the possibilities that come from a career in tech:

  • Module 1:
    • Opening minds
    • Participants expand their perspective and become excited about new economy roles with greater insight on opportunities that exist (across tech and non-tech roles)
    • – Most common misconceptions surrounding careers in tech
    • – Types of roles available in the industry
    • – Why women are critical to the future of the industry

  • Module 2:
    • Aligning skills
    • Participants learn how their current skills could transition to new roles via skills alignment using a gamified quiz – and explore how they could create their own path into these opportunities
    • – What the most in-demand skills over the next 5 years are
    • – How their skills today could relate to current roles in the industry 
    • – How other women have transitioned into tech from non-tech backgrounds

  • Module 3:
    • Overcoming barriers
    • Participants feel empowered to overcome systemic and personal barriers that have consistently prevented women from pursuing opportunities in tech
    • – Personal and systemic barriers that may be holding them back 
    • – Tactics to overcoming these barriers 
    • – How to realise and harness their outsider advantage

  • Module 4:
    • Inspiring action
    • Participants are equipped with a roadmap and pathways to take the next step toward transitioning their career into opportunities in the new economy
    • – Communicate their unique value
    • – Devise a personalised action roadmap for their next step forward 
    • – Gain access to potential career opportunities

What they’re saying


“I Iove how SheDares was designed. It was a very seamless learning experience with blended content which is perfect for me. It gave me a lot of confidence to virtually meet so many women in tech and read their career path and experiences. It really felt like a sorority and I could relate to someone that succeeded.

– Anna, Construction

“The SheDares program challenges you to think beyond the boundary. Activate the growth mindset in you. Tech is involved in all industries even the media, education and healthcare. Dare to try and dare to fail is the way forward.

– Geraldine, Administration

“Great self-paced program, that really made me (re)think my opportunities in Tech industry. It also gives direction towards further education and where I could reach it. I have been taking training courses in Tech through the years, and I was a bit lost, feeling incapable to really pivot into the Tech industry. But, after She Dares, now I know the way to go and how to tell my story.

– Leila, Manufacturing

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Curious to find out more about the program? Speak with us directly using the contact details below - we'd love to hear from you.

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Your program experience

All our program attendees have the full support of The Dream Collective team as well as
ongoing connections to their peer networks established with the program. Some of the benefits include:

  • Curate your experience

    Self-paced, entirely online, open for enrolments and access available at any time. Requiring a total of 4-6 hours to complete.

  • Engage in live sessions

    Live sessions will be hosted bi-monthly on a number of topics that participants are most eager to learn more about.

  • Join the community

    Become part of the SheDares community and engage with other participants.

  • Explore opportunities

    Explore a host of opportunities and pathways available to enter or upskill in tech.

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No, there is no cost for participants to complete the SheDares program.

As well as access to high-quality content, a curated online learning experience and the support of a network of like-minded women, completing the program will also provide:

  • Future career security & employment resilience
  • Enhanced employability at tech organisations
  • Access to unique, tailored opportunities

The program has been designed for you to access and revisit at any time. There are live sessions which you will need to register for in order to attend.

A total of 4-6 hours, at your own pace.

SheDares is comprised of 4 short modules, ranging from 30 minutes to 1 hour in length. The modules include pre-recorded content and fireside chats, worksheets, and a gamified Career Skills quiz.

Participants will receive a badge of completion and be directed to pathways that are designed to guide you on your next steps.

Yes we do, there is an option within the platform to watch the videos with closed captions.

The ‘Job Ready’ pathway is for women who are curious about a career in the industry, but want to build new skills to enhance their employability. The pathway provides practical and foundational training programs and recommendations for deeper learning.

The ‘Ready to Pivot’ pathway is designed for women who are excited by the opportunity of a job in the tech industry, , but haven’t yet been able to enter the industry. This pathway provides information and links about careers and jobs at Amazon Web Services (AWS) and other collaborating employers.

The ‘Explore a little more’ pathway provides the opportunity to attend events that may interest participants such as an AWS workshop on innovation, hiring webinars with tips and tricks on how to interview for a role in the tech industry, and a Cloud 101 webinar.

Yes, absolutely. This program has been created to consider the opportunities that exist within the tech industry, there is no requirement to pursue an opportunity.

Yes, many of the barriers women face transitioning into a technical capacity are similar to those entering the tech industry. There are also tech upskilling opportunities available within the course pathways that would benefit someone looking to transition into a technical role.

100%! This program has been curated to flow-on from She Pivots, and is the next program in the series. If you enjoyed She Pivots, you are going to love SheDares.

The program has been designed to help women overcome the barriers they face in entering the tech industry, in efforts to increase female representation in tech. However, the content is beneficial for everyone, and therefore the program is absolutely open to men as well.

Participants may enrol and complete the program from anywhere in the world. However, please note that career transition opportunities and pathways are only available in Australia, New Zealand, Singapore and India at this stage.

AWS has partnered with The Dream Collective to bring this program to life through their dedication to attracting more women into the tech industry.

There is no commitment that participants will receive a job at the end of this program. Participants will be directed to current job opportunities at AWS and other career collaborators, as well as options to consider for their next steps.

Please email, who will be happy to answer any additional questions you may have.

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Have questions?

Curious to find out more about the program? Speak with us directly using the contact details below - we'd love to hear from you.

Google Rating
Based on 43 reviews


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