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Better TogetHER is informed by the findings of our first-of-its-kind research which underscored the importance of engaging everyone, including men, in the push for gender equality. You can download the research report on our website, here.
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Welcome to Better TogetHER


Module 0: Welcome

Module 1: Let’s Get Honest

Participants debunk common gender equality myths, expand their knowledge of what an ‘ally’ is (passive vs active) & why women need allies in the workplace.

Module 1: Let’s Get Honest

Module 1: Real Voices with Nellie

Module 2: Speaking Up

Participants develop an understanding of the first category of allyship: speaking up. Allies can speak up for someone who’s being treated unfairly or dismissively by advocating for them or by amplifying under appreciated perspectives and contributions.

Module 2: Speaking Up Part 1

Module 2: Speaking Up Part 2

Module 2: Real Voices with Ruki

Module 3: Extending Opportunities

Participants develop an understanding of the second category of allyship: extending opportunities. Allies also can give people opportunities by helping them access learning, leadership roles, or professional or social networks.

Module 3: Extending Opportunities Part 1

Module 3: Extending Opportunities Part 2

Module 3: Real Voices with Priyam

Module 4: Change Systems

Participants develop an understanding of the third category of allyship: change/challenge systems. Allyship can mean working to make your team’s everyday systems and processes—its decisions, meetings, and communications—fairer and more equitable.

Module 4: Change Systems Part 1

Module 4: Change Systems Part 2

Module 4: Real Voices with Miles

Module 5: Making it Happen

Participants are equipped with a roadmap/personal action plan to implement the three acts of allyship in their workplaces.

Module 5: Making it Happen

Module 5: Real Voices with Graham

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