DEI Deep Dive: APAC’s Path Forward

What’s the future of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion? Is it still relevant, and how? What’s ahead for DEI in APAC in 2024 and beyond? Amid debates and backlash, especially from US firms, the relevance and future of DEI has been called into question.

To answer some of these crucial questions and to draft a path forward, TDC Global conducted an APAC-wide DEI research across Australia, Singapore, Hong Kong and Japan, deep-diving into the latest trends, insights and forecasts for the future.

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  • What are the unique DEI challenges and insights within mid to large organisations across Australia, Japan, Singapore, and Hong Kong and how might they affect your workplace?
  • What DEI trends are anticipated to shape 2024 and beyond and how will these impact your organisation?
  • What are the key contributors to effective DEI implementation?
  • How can we keep up with industry trends and consumer and employee expectations?
  • Should we be increasing or decreasing budget and efforts?
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Why this matters?

  • Because 85% of individuals view DEI as crucial in commercial business management, emphasizing its significance in fostering inclusive and successful workplaces.
  • Because 61% of individuals anticipate an upsurge in DEI investment, driven by industry trends and strategic initiatives. Decreasing investment may correlate to losing your competitive advantage and falling behind industry standards.
  • Because DEI interventions directly impact top business priorities such as customer satisfaction and retention, operational efficiency, and employee engagement and retention. Investing in DEI interventions offers multifaceted benefits that directly contribute to overall business success.
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