About SBS

The Special Broadcasting Service (SBS) is a hybrid-funded Australian public broadcasting radio, online and television network that operates four TV channels and eight radio networks.

They were founded on the belief that all Australians, regardless of geography, age, cultural background or language skills should have access to high quality, independent, culturally-relevant Australian media.

Currently, SBS reaches an average audience of 13.1 million people per month on television, and on average serves almost 7 million unique browsers each month online, including an average 1.3 million streams each month for radio.

The challenge

Considering the trust that SBS had established with their audience, they knew that had a responsibility to continue to deliver to their audiences evolving needs.

Digital media no longer has the luxury of time to make decisions, to innovate, to stand out. Speed to change today is the most important currency. If you’re not fast, your competitors will be.

However, in a world where everything is moving at such speed, simply being fast isn’t enough.

It’s not just about technology, mobile or digital solutions – it’s about a different way of working, and different ways of thinking. Businesses are now expected to innovate regularly or risk being left behind. To think customers will wait for until you provide an exceptional experience is woefully naive.

And in case you need more proof, Amazon discovered that for every 1-second delay in web page loading, revenue drops by 7%. So if you’re an online business that turns over $100K a day, that’s an annual loss of $2.5M.

No company in any industry can expect to get ahead with a slow culture. Innovation & efficiency must be considered critical factors to success.

The solution

The solution? A culture of innovation, immediacy & efficiency needed to be established.

Based on the premise that the faster you learn, the faster you fail, improve & evolve, TDC Global designed a program that would address Digital Leadership & Inclusive Leadership needs with blended delivery options including:

  • x2 recorded 120 minute instructor-led session attended by 120 key leaders
  • Follow-up video conference calls with all who attended to discuss what has been implemented

During the sessions, we drew out the importance of collaboration, agility, team collaboration and people leadership through the lens of digital leadership best practise & focussed on the following capabilities:

  • Growth
  • Building A User First
    Digital Culture
  • Agile Ways Of
    Working & Design Thinking
  • The company: SBS
  • Service: Consulting & Bespoke Training

The results & takeaways

We were thrilled to see the session have an immediate impact:

Actions IMPLEMENTED post-session

  • Applied Design Thinking
    principles empathy &
    audience-First thinking

  • Tackling challenges
    with a Growth Mindset

  • Re-thinking failure

  • Involving the different teams
    when it comes to overcoming challenges

    , allowing opportunity
    for new ideas to be raised

  • Thinking about how every action
    leads to audience ‘delight’

  • Schedule regular
    ideation sessions

  • More open minded
    to alternative solutions to challenges

  • Getting feedback constantly
    rather than only at set meetings
    (Rapid Feedback framework)

The POSITIVE IMPACT from what was implemented

  • Uplift
    in the consumption of
    SBS content digitally

  • Alignment
    across departments
    (“very valuable!”)

  • Greater
    communication and collaboration

  • Faster
    to uncover issues and challenges

  • Greater
    engagement from the teams

  • Accepting failure
    as a must for innovation

  • Challenging the status quo

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