About Webprofits

Webprofits is a Digital Growth Consultancy, helping businesses create digital dividends through cutting-edge creative and digital growth strategies.

The challenge

In 2018, Webprofits went through a business restructure. What did this mean for them?

  • A refined focus on delivering consistent, high-quality experience & service
  • Larger clients & higher expectations on what’s advised
  • A higher standard of communication across all Consultants than previously required
  • A need to up-skill the team’s capacity as consultants & empower them to do more than traditional agency work

We were careful to keep in mind that Webprofits had run leadership sessions in the past but the session lacked follow-through, therefore, training didn’t stick. This paired with the fact that given their unique key service offering, ‘Fluid Marketing’, there was no proven framework for teams structured like those at Webprofits.

A unique aspect to the Webprofit model is that each Fluid Lead (Project Manager) has their own unique way of working, so quite often team work / collaboration styles can be really different.

The solution

Through client briefings & data collected through the pre-session survey, TDC Global went on to create a tailored Communication Masterclass, designed to equip all attendees with the required skills to communicate with confidence as a consultant.

The x2 half-day interactive workshops were broken down into 3 key communication capabilities:

  • Communicating Value With Confidence
  • The Art Of Story Telling For Better Presentations
  • Establishing Authority & Building Open Relationships
  • The company: Webprofits
  • Service: Consulting & Bespoke Training
TDC Global put together a bespoke training for my team, and they nailed it. They understood the complexities my team were faced with, they took on our language and our challenges and made the content relevant, engaging and massively thought provoking. The team engaged and took a lot from it - mainly just wanting more and more from them!

Head of Digital Consulting, Webprofits

The results & takeaways

Across the 2 sessions conducted, we saw:

  • 4.75

    Overall program score

  • 33%

    An overall increase of 33% in feeling more equipped engaging in a challenging conversation

  • 20%

    An overall increase of 20% in feeling more confident Communicating as a Consultant

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