Alumni Live Webinar: Practical Tips for Imperfect Times

Our first-ever Alumni Live webinar was joined by 4 emerging female leaders from Google Australia, Hoyts Group, Lotus People & CHEP Australia, who shared valuable tips for leading teams through uncertain times.

We are so grateful to our incredible speakers for the rich insights, actionable tips and authentic advice they each provided. While there were so many amazing points, the key takeaways from the session were:
1. The need to balance vulnerability and consistency as a leader.
We’re all going through very similar experiences, professionally and personally, allow your teams to see your vulnerable side so that they feel comfortable opening up about how they’re feeling. In the current climate, this is more essential than ever before.
2. Be creative in how you engage your teams.
When working remotely, successfully achieving engagement across your team is far more challenging and the need to develop new ways to do so is paramount. We absolutely love Sinead from Lotus People’s initiative of creating a ‘1-minute dance-up’ with her team every day at 3 pm to keep them energised and morale high!

3. Be optimistic and realistic.
All of our speakers agreed on the importance of maintaining optimism during this time while being realistic. False or misleading optimism will confuse and disorient teams. Therefore, it’s important to be open about the impact of the circumstances on the business and provide a positive outlook as to how teams can best respond.

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