August emerging leaders program | The highlights

As we say goodbye (for now) to our most recent Emerging Leaders cohort, we reflect on the learnings & takeaways shared throughout this program.

Day 1 |
As always kicks off with individual EQ assessments. While the results can at times be confronting, it enables each of them to begin from within – the best place to start when the rest of the day is about understanding what it means to be a leader who embodies self-awareness, authenticity and compassion. Safe to say that this is where a lot of ‘A-HA’ seeds were planted!

We were excited to welcome Shadè Zahrai into our ever-expanding network of subject-matter experts who specialises in translating brain science research into simple, actionable strategies for performance, overcoming limiting beliefs and wellbeing.

Day 2 |
Followed with Design Thinking – an experiential workshop that provided practical tools to enable more creative thinking & problem solving. We also introduced two new modules: How to think like a CEO & Committing to Executive Action.

This content is created in a way that balances creative & strategic thinking in order to meet your goals & delight your end users – whether they be customers or other stakeholders.

Day 2 ends with our unique Dinner with a Mentor event which is a chance for our cohort to relax & dine with one of Australia’s leading female business leaders. This time, we were so honoured to have been joined by Dr Rachna Gandhi, Executive General Manager Strategic Innovation and Commercialisation for Suncorp.

The evening was full of inspiring & empowering conversations & while the conversation flowed all night, there were three clear takeaways:
• Be open to the opportunities that excite you
• If we all strive to live up to our potential, we would have a much better world
• If you are good at something, you owe it to the world to pursue it

Amazing, right!

Day 3 |
Covers the key capabilities needed in order to become a leader of influence, master crucial conversations & craft your storytelling skills.  The afternoon is then spent on the exciting actions that will be taken as a part of their Leadership Development Plan.

We’ll leave you with this from Vivienne. one of last week’s participants who travelled all the way from Singapore to do the program for a second time!

“I actually did the The Dream Collective’s Emerging Leaders Program in Singapore earlier this year & am feeling really positive about having come to the Sydney one too as I’ve always felt that if you want to grow, you need time & space to put things that you learn in to practice. Being away from day-to-day has allowed me to learn new perspectives as well as make lots of new friends in different industries from around the world which is very valuable to me.”
– Director, PwC


Thank you to the organisations who supported these remarkable young women through the program & to the participants themselves who inspire us more than they could ever know. As they say, it’s not goodbye, just goodbye for now!

If you’d like to join us at our next Bootcamp, hit the link here to get in touch & reserve your place. We cant wait to meet you!


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