Better TogetHER: Executive Discussion on Activating Allyship to Achieve Gender Equality

At The Dream Collective, we conducted first-of-its-kind research with 1,000 Australian male professionals to capture perceptions of gender equality and gather insight into the cause of stalled progress.

The findings?
– Three dominant sentiment groups appeared; being disengaged, resistant & committed to action.
– 80% agree that ‘gender equality affects all of us’ & that something needs to be done.
– Half of Australia’s male white-collar workers feel fatigued by gender equality.

In this live event, we shared the key findings from the full research, followed by an executive discussion facilitated by our Managing Director, Sarah Liu with Michael Kim, Head of HR JAPAC, Spotify and Ingrid van Uden, Senior Account Executive, Public Sector, Adobe.

They discussed:

  • How organisations can reduce fatigue & engage men in gender equality initiatives
  • How allyship has impacted them as either an ally or as a recipient of the benefits of allyship
  • The impact of embedding allyship to enhance progress towards gender equality

If you’re dedicated to fostering gender-equal workplace cultures, regardless of where you are on your journey – even if you’re at the very beginning, we encourage you to connect with us as we explore these important research findings.

Download the full research report and explore the Better TogetHER program


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