I’M POSSIBLE | micro-documentary premiere launch

The Dream Collective, along with partners Facebook, Coca-Cola Amatil and Vodafone, are proud to have released the official micro-documentary series, ‘IM POSSIBLE’. The series is unlike any other seen here in Australia and will be launching across national cinema, outdoor media, inflight entertainment and online over the coming weeks.

Through this series, we seek to share inspiring career stories of remarkable women and the employers behind them. The highly-anticipated event launched at Events Cinemas Wednesday 12th July in Sydney and was attended by Australian leaders in corporate, technology, and other key industries.

The launch of this micro-documentary series is an important milestone for us, as it signifies a continuation of a journey that we have been on relentlessly over the past 5 years, a journey to see more women in leadership, to build the pipeline of female talent across the globe and to see the gender gap close in this generation.

We know that to see more women in leadership, we need to address both the personal and systematic barriers. We hope that women everywhere can find motivation from the stories of Naomi, Lara, Bianca and Renee from these films, how they overcome challenges and achieve everything they set their mind to with self-belief, positivity and a spirit that everything is possible. We also hope that companies everywhere can find inspiration from Facebook, Vodafone and Coca-Cola Amatil in these films, how they translate their promise into action and demonstrate that it IS possible to walk the talk, and when you support women to succeed the business succeeds also.

With the launch of these films, we encourage you to carry this message forward. Whether that’s by sharing this content with someone, investing your team through our leadership program or to work with us directly on partnership opportunities across your APAC locations, we welcome you to contact us now to start the conversation!


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