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In our most recent Leading from the Living Room webinar we were joined by Vijay Deol, President and Representative Director of en world Japan. In conversation with our Client Lead Japan, Natsumi Funabiki, Vijay shared data and insights regarding Japan’s current job market and shifts in attitudes towards career pivots in the COVID-19 crisis.

Why has Japan been slower to adapt to more modern styles of work such as remote work?

  • Deeply entrenched culture: lots of value placed on being seen working hard and showing up physically.
  • Relationship building is so crucial: there is a strong sense of community that comes from being together in person, which is more challenging to achieve virtually.
  • Resistant to change: there is a comfort in the known and an avoidance of the unknown which is likely more paramount in Japan than other cultures.

How can businesses ensure they are effectively supporting remote work into the future?

  • Implement technology and tools that support optimal working from home conditions so that employees feel equipped to perform in this new environment.
  • Prioritise effective communication amongst teams: create policies and procedures accordingly.
  • Make the effort to engage employees: At en world, President and Representative Director, Vijay, provides weekly updates detailing business results, austerity measures, success stories etc.

What is your advice for emerging female leaders?

  • Take ownership of your own performance: be proactive, raise your hand, ask for what you want.
  • Lead from the front: set an example.
  • Have a holistic view of your relationships in the organisation and if there aren’t strong female role models within the organisation, seek some externally.

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