Monday motivation | How to cultivate long-term resilience

Think about the last time that you were confronted with a challenge, or received some feedback that didn’t sit quite right. You were likely hard on yourself & let the feelings of doubt takeover & effect your performance. It’s likely too that – depending on your level of resilience – that any anxiety or dread far outlasted any benefit or lesson that was learned.

This is resilience testing in action.

According to McKinsey & Co., true resilience, or “authentic confidence”, comes from within. It requires acknowledgements of insecurities about capability & dealing with them in an intentional, judgement-free way. By developing this attribute, you can better manage stress in a sustainable way whilst improving your relationships at work.

So, how exactly can true resilience be developed? McKinsey found that there are six interconnected elements:

  1. Purpose and values: Identify your true purpose and values. These are your guiding principles & can act as an anchor in challenging times.
  2. Mindfulness: The act of being fully present ensures that you take the situation for what it is & are aware of your emotions
  3. Acceptance: In order to become authentically confident, we must address our limiting beliefs & move towards what is most important to us. This non-judgmental acknowledgement of the fear reduces its negative impact dramatically.
  4. Defusion: Be aware of the triggers that will derail you. If you do not feel authentically confident, will a snide comment from a bitter team member throw you? Or the presence of a board member with whom you’ve had run-ins?
  5. Self-in-context: The ability to reflect & observe yourself in context & from a distance is essential in developing authentic confidence. There are many ways in which you can do this & this is where disciples such as meditation & journalling can aid.
  6. Committed action: This is where all elements come to life. Developing authentic confidence requires committed action daily.

Do you see developing resilience as a holistic approach that requires daily action? How do you think you would score if you were to take an assessment prior to putting any of these into practice?

Is “authentic confidence” a skill you’d like to cultivate? If so, we’d love to hear from you. We’re here & awaiting your reply! You can get in touch via this link.

Till then,
The Dream Collective Team


Adapted from McKinsey & Co “Don’t stress out: how to build long-term resilience”


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