She Pivots Program

We are thrilled to announce that enrolments are now open for She Pivots, a program designed to up-skill 10,000 COVID-affected female professionals and help prepare them for career transitions and new job opportunities.

The free, 4-part online capability-building workshop will cover the following essential career transition themes: 

1. Building resilience & a career pivot plan

2. Identifying strengths & telling your professional story

3. Building your professional network digitally

4. Launching your job search with your action roadmap

As part of the initiative, The Dream Collective will mobilise its partners to form a network of Job Provider Partners, including Datacom and Canva, to provide access to suited job openings after completion of the She Pivots Program.

Why women only?

Research has found that men apply for a job when they meet only 60 per cent of the qualifications, but women apply only if they meet 100 per cent of them. She Pivots ensures that this confidence-gap is bridged.

In addition to this, for the vast majority of countries, the early stages of COVID-19 layoffs have been focused in the services sector, where women are overrepresented.

Past experience and emerging data illustrate that it is reasonable to project that the impacts of the COVID-19 global recession will result in a prolonged dip in women’s incomes and labour force participation.

Ensuring women remain in and expand their participation in the formal labour market will play a significant role in providing many economies with the capacity to ‘rebound’ with stronger, more equitable and sustainable growth.

She Pivots will be launched on May 28th.


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