Day 2 | Emerging Leaders program

You may have heard a lot of talk about innovation, design thinking and agile methodologies in recent years but have you – as an emerging leader or business leader yourself – ever stopped to consider how these apply to your team and your wider organisation? Do you believe your organisation fosters an innovative, collaborative and creative culture?

On Day 2 of our Emerging Leaders program we run one of the most energetic sessions of the program, Innovation and Design Thinking, facilitated by Emerging Leaders Program veteran & Design Thinking expert, Gauri Bhalla, Founder of The Curious Collective.

Modules include:

  • Empathic Leadership
  • Idea Harvesting & execution
  • Cultivating inspiration & driving performance
  • Designing and running experiments in an agile way

For those new to the subject, Design Thinking is a creative process that creates the pathway from idea to execution, and consists of four key elements:

  1. Define the problem
  2. Create and consider the (many) options
  3. Refine the direction
  4. Execute

It is a repeatable problem-solving technique that can be applied to businesses and problems of any size and is an essential tool for navigating the ever-changing world of modern business and technology.

At the end of Day 2 with host our flagship event, Dinner with a Mentor – a unique component in the program where participants enjoy an exclusive and intimate dinner with an iconic female leader as guest of honour.

This is a forum where emerging leaders can openly discuss issues that are not often talked about in the workplace, and candidly share their experiences. We talk about everything from career planning, day to day challenges, business best practices, conflict management, career breakthroughs, juggling family and career and overcoming challenges and adversity.

This week we were delighted to be been joined by mentors Pip Marlow, CEO of Suncorp Innovation and Jodi Gordon, General Manager at QT Sydney, at the beautiful MGallery in The Rocks

Whilst we have a rule that ‘what’s discussed at dinner stays at dinner’, what we can share is that there were tears, lots of laughing and many personal insights from both the mentors and mentees (ok, we can share two mentor tips: as an emerging leader, it pays to be ‘porous’ and always say YES when it comes to new opportunities). It warms us to hear that it was equally rewarding for the mentors themselves (read: ‘soul food’) and we look forward to inviting them back for future programs.

Next month, our 3 month program wraps with our incredible Wellbeing module where we discuss resilience, stress mastery and how to lead others to high performance so stay tuned!

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