What can you expect from your first day at our Emerging Leaders program?

Aside from feelings of excitement, nervousness and trepidation as you meet your fellow cohort for the first time, your first day at our emerging leaders program marks a big step on your leadership journey.

Becoming a Leader of Influence is the theme of Day 1.

More specifically, understanding the importance of emotional intelligence, your strengths & values and how they underpin who you are, not just as a leader but as a human being. The intersection of these three things ask the question, how can you lead others effectively if you are not leading yourself?

Another theme we discussed were feelings of low confidence due to a lack of progression opportunity and support & a pervading feeling disempowerment as a result of not taking control of our careers and our choices. When we realise that purpose is not something that’s reserved for our lives outside of work, that it can and should exist in our professional lives too. This is an all too common theme and speaks right to the heart of why this program is so important for emerging female leaders.


When we caught up with the cohort two weeks later to check in on their progress, we were thrilled to hear some of the key take outs from Day 1 included sharing the strength finding tool with their team, leading more authentically and confidently, managing up more effectively and creating time management plans for themselves and their teams. A few women said they surprised themselves with how quickly they had put what they learnt into practice.

The day was held at the stunning Boston Consulting Group office in Sydney and facilitated by Alicia Brown, The Dream Collective’s resident Leadership and Consciousness guru.

No two groups are alike and we are so excited to work with and watch each of these women evolve over the next two modules that will be held in April and May.

Watch this space!


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