Emerging Leaders program | The highlights

Wow wow wow.

Earlier this month, we held our fifth Emerging Leaders Bootcamp for the year in Sydney and what an incredible, inspiring group of women they were.

No two groups are alike so we’d like to share a few highlights that came from both us & them!

“I genuinely can’t describe how monumental the last three days have been for me. Not only did I learn so many heartfelt lessons that I truly believe will carry me for the rest of my career but i met the most beautiful group of women that I otherwise wouldn’t have without this experience.”ACCOUNT MANAGER, VAL MORGAN

Day 1

Started with individual EQ assessments as a part of the programs new Emotional Intelligence module. While the results can at times be confronting, it enabled each of them to begin from within – the best place to start when the rest of the day is about understanding what it means to be a leader who embodies self-awareness, authenticity and compassion. Safe to say that this is when a lot of ‘A-HA’ seeds were planted.

Day 2

Followed with Design Thinking – an experiential workshop that provided practical tools to enable more creative thinking, idea harvesting & problem solving +  how to conduct empathy interviews.

We then ended Day 2 with our exclusive Dinner with a Mentor where we were honoured to have been joined by the inspiring, hilarious & just all round amazing Jane Huxley, Managing Director of Spotify ANZ.

While the conversation flowed throughout the evening, there is no doubt that the key takeaways were:

1. 80% is the new 100% i.e. quite good is actually excellent

2. How to navigate your team & yourself through change

3. The power of asking good questions

Day 3

Is always bitter-sweet as we gear up to say goodbye but also focus on the exciting actions that will be taken as a part of their Leadership Development Plan. It warmed us to see that those that lacked confidence on Day 1 felt far more capable of leading with confidence on Day 3 (100% to be exact!)

If you are or know an emerging female leader that is looking to be empowered with confidence & equipped with leadership & cross-functional skills, get in touch today to discuss.


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