How to develop female leaders: Global diversity solution sharing day

Do you know how to attract, retain and develop female leaders to your company? On June 18th, over 70 people from companies including Starbucks, SoftBank, Jera, Johnson Controls Hitachi, en world, Unilever, Suntory and KPMG joined us for experience sharing from The Dream Collective and our local partners Unilever and Suntory at WeWork in Tokyo, Japan. Having developed thousands of women worldwide since 2012, we presented our own experience and solutions and were thrilled to include those of our corporate partners in Japan too. Speakers included:

  • Sarah Liu, Founder & Managing Director of The Dream Collective
  • Yuka Shimada, Head of HR, Board of Director Unilever Japan
  • Sue Gannon, COO, Global Development & Diversity at Suntory

We discussed solutions on how organizations can tackle diversity goals step-by-step and empower and equip more female leaders within their organization as well as best practices and practical tips on how to manage areas that fall under institutional change and individual change.  The event was attended by Japan’s top HR and Learning & Development professionals as well as many attendees from Fortune 500 companies and other top Japanese companies. We’re so pleased with the response to our entry into Japan so far and are so excited about what else is on the horizon! For more news and events like this, be sure to sign up to receive our newsletters.


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