HR Global Diversity event | The highlights

As a way of thanking our clients for their support over the 12 months in which we had been operating in Japan, we invited our network to hear our gender diversity insights & solutions as observed through a through a global lens, meet the team and experience knowledge sharing with over 60 of Japan’s most influential HR, L&D & D&I leaders from companies including adidas, Unilever, LVMH, en world, Johnson Control Hitachi & Starbucks to name just a few.

We were honoured to have been joined by the following during an insightful panel discussion around what is working, what is not and what more can we be doing to advance women in leadership in Japan:

  • Vanessa Oshima, Starbucks Japan, Vice-President of Marketing
  • Akira Shioyama, Adidas, HR Senior Manager
  • Stephane Voyer, LVMH Japan, Senior Vice-President HR
  • Sarah Liu, The Dream Collective, Founder & Managing Director

With operations in Australia, Singapore, Japan & China, when it comes to our own global observations on what is and isn’t working, our top observations are:

  • Many organisation have goals but no clear strategy or roadmap on how they plan to achieve it
  • Many organisations have the right intentions but do not meet this with proportional investment
  • Many organisations have started on their initiatives but do not follow-through

While reasons vary each time, in order to purposefully and intentionally advance female talent globally, more of the following needs to happen:

  • Move from conversation to action: Start today. Every step counts – whether it be large or small.
  • Engage external partners: Share your D&I goals with experts that have the time, resources and expertise to get you there
  • Holistic investment: They say that if you want to truly understand someones priorities, look at what their wallet (what they spend their money on) & their calendar (how they prioritise their time). The same can be said of an organisation. How does yours priorities Diversity & Inclusion?

We’d like to thank all who attended for showing your commitment towards advancing more women in Japan. It was wonderful to see existing partners and to meet many new. We look forward to continuing the conversation with each of you and driving change together.

To see all photos from the evening, you can view them via the link here.

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