Monday motivation | The power of positive thinking

Did you know:

On average, 60,000 thoughts run through our head per day.

Of this 60,000, 80% of them are negative i.e. are unproductive and serve no benefit e..g. “Shoot, I forgot to call x back”, “Did they absolutely have to pull out in front of me? Rude!” or “I really can not be bothered with x today”.

Stop for a moment to think about what you think about.

Imagine if 80% of your thoughts were actually positive & self-affirming? Imagine the difference it would make to your resilience, confidence, patience… The list goes on.

As is the case with anything that is worth doing, this too takes work.

Our thoughts happen so quickly and feel so true but get this – you can rewire your brain to auto-pilot to positive.

In order to do this, you need to pay attention to when your thinking starts to get repetitive or unproductive.

If you have a negative thought or find yourself ruminating on something negative, try:

  • Breaking the cycle by – for example – going for a walk or listening to music. Don’t allow the thought or pattern to develop
  • Practice reserving judgment. Look for the evidence before labelling people
  • Practice gratitude: Flip the situation to see the best in it
  • Self-diagnose: Why do you feel this way? Is it because it conflicts with your values or have you possibly taken something more personally than what was intended?
  • Make it time-bound: Give yourself a deadline to decide

The effects of positive thinking & positive psychology can not be overstated.

As always, we’d love to hear from you but till then, have a productive week,
The Dream Collective Team

Shout out to last week’s Emerging Leaders Program facilitator & master on overcoming your limiting beliefs, Shadè Zahrai for the inspo this week.


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