Monday motivation: 4 Ways to demonstrate your full value

We often hear emerging leaders express that they’re uncomfortable communicating their value.  They say things like, “I’d rather let the work speak for itself.” or “I’m not comfortable singing my own praises.”

But the fact is, if you are not communicating your unique value, no one will do that for you. 

Being properly valued and accurately perceived is single-handedly the most critical element to your success in an organisation. What 3 words would your team members, boss or other stakeholders use to describe you? If the answers do not align with the best version of you, it’s time to reevaluate your personal brand.

So what are some of the things outside of your job description that you can be doing to increase your exposure & demonstrate your full value? Here are 4 of our favourite ways:

  1. Build that network! Both internally & externally. Networking can be especially valuable in niche or specialised markets. The stronger & more relevant your network, the more valuable you are
  2. Identify cost savings. This could involve evaluating suppliers, streamlining processes or negotiating new contracts. Look beyond your role. Every one of us has a unique perspective that might hold some invaluable insights
  3. Encourage learning in your organisation. Consider informal training sessions such as “lunch & learns.” Are you a specialist in a particular area or have a particular interest in industry news? Sharing this knowledge not only demonstrates your unique value, it also gives valuable insight into your company – thus creating cohesion & stronger team engagement
  4. Look beyond the bottom line. Use your initiative & experience while tapping into your innovation skills. We often forget that we are customers to our own company. See something that could be done better? Or something that you’re doing really well that no one else is? Voice it!

How important is it to you to feel that you own your unique value? Are you being seen for your full potential? If not, take time to reflect on what exactly this is & how you will go about demonstrating this. And if you need guidance, feel free to reach out. We have a stack of resources & a super friendly team that would love to hear from you 🙂

Till then, have a super-productive week
The Dream Collective Team x


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