WOW: Insights from Australia’s content queens

Last Friday, The Dream Collective were proud sponsors of World Disrupt Forum’s ‘Women Of The Web’ event in Sydney.

It saw an incredible line-up of speakers & all who attended were treated to personal anecdotes & real-life tactics for surviving in the industry from executive leaders of some of the biggest brands in Australia, including: Twitter, Woolworths Group, Foxtel, Ten Studio, Amazon & ABC.

The day was FILLED with actionable insights, the below are our key takeaways that we think businesses of any size should consider when creating their own content marketing strategy.

On the areas that big brands are investing in:
  • New content must consider the fact that audience behaviours are shifting away from single-platform to multi-platform & on demand experience
  • There is incredible power in content that evokes empathy
  • Through storytelling, you have the ability to humanise the marginalised
  • Consider extending one story through other channels – events, talks, social, etc. to build engagement with the concept
  • Millennials are marketing-proof which has seen a huge demand increase for native content & experiential work
  • Audiences want to participate. This creates a deeper level of engagement as collaboration means they’re already invested in the process & outcome.
  • Reach is no longer the key success metric for publishers & brands, engagement is now king
  • Less focus on ‘demographics’ per se, more on ‘mood states’ e.g. comic book movies no longer for children only, they now need to be created & marketed with the parents in mind
On their biggest challenges & obstacles to creating engaging content
  • The ever-shifting media landscape means that defining success is extremely difficult as attribution gets more complex & education on USP
  • Fragmented audience pathways mean it’s difficult to get a single-view of audiences & create seamless experiences
  • Engaging new audiences continues to be a challenge for established but niche brands
  • Embed your ‘why’ into your culture & make all decisions through this framework. This sees not only increased engagement with audiences but internally amongst teams too
  • Never use the sentence “this is how we’ve always done it”
On partnerships:
  • Align yourself with brands that share similar values. This will help you reach new audience in an authentic way
  • Stories are key. Humans seeking out connections is hard wired into our DNA.
  • Multiple voices = a healthy democracy
Nifty (and cheeky) resources:

We hope you found as much value in these insights as we did.

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