She Pivots Alumna Spotlight

The stories of the women who have completed She Pivots have been the motivation behind expanding the program to Singapore and Japan. Below, one of our Alumna, Katie, shares her career-transition story and how She Pivots equipped her in securing her new role.

Congratulations on securing your new role! I’d love to know a bit more about it? Is it what you were hoping for?

Absolutely, it was definitely what I was looking for. As a medical scientist turned technologist and content writer, I was always curious about the intersection between medicine/healthcare and technology. I really wanted to be part of a company that embodied this. A company that lives, breathes and advocates for technology to digitally transform medical/healthcare industries working needs.

The group is called Envision Pharma Group and they are a leading global medical affairs and technology group, and I will be contributing to their company as a technical specialist. 

I love helping others and playing a part to empower others to improve lifestyles and work using technology. So a position at the intersection of helping others in using technology is such a humbling and nice fit!

How did She Pivots help in securing your new role?

She Pivots assisted me in providing me in all areas imaginable when making a career shift. From key strategies to upskill, crafting your narrative and building a CV, preparing for career transition and empowerment tips to help me along my career journey.

From my experience, it was not your typical career coaching program. It was a unique program that focused on really getting to know who you are, building resilience, reevaluating your strengths, weakness, values, shaping your narrative and instilling empowerment. 

It was a transformative journey on both a professional and intrapersonal level. To me, that is extremely powerful and this program deeply resonated. 

Which component of the program resonated most with you?

The program was meticulously well thought out, I appreciated every component. If I were to choose which aspect that resonated with me the most, it would be the ‘Identifying strengths and telling your professional story’ module.

I was always surrounded by the idea that we had to do things a certain way, or this is the ‘particular path’ one had to follow to succeed. This module broke down all those barriers by instilling the motivation in me to simply OWN IT. Embrace yourself. Tell your story. Proud and loud. Because that is what makes you unique, shapes your brand and authentic values we hold in a professional setting. 

Identifying my strengths and values felt so empowering and enabled me to take a standpoint on who I am along this career transition.

What would your advice be to other women currently navigating career transitions?

My big piece of advice is to own your story. This is a motto I live by since my career transition and throughout life. We all embark on different walks of life, not one story is identical. 

It can be easy to feel impacted by a career transition and disoriented on how to proceed. But by owning your story, you’ve taken a significant leap to the next step. Because no one can tell your story better than yourself. The story is yours. Grab it by two hands and use that voice to power you forward. Tell it bold and proud.  

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Interview featuring Katie Tran, The Dream Collective She Pivots Alumna


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