Together, She Soars Book Launch

We could not have imagined a better way to bring to life the stories from Together, She Soars than with the official launch event, featuring a panel discussion with leaders from the book:

  • Natsumi Akita, VP of Marketing, Adobe KK
  • Mariko Sugiyama, Head of Innovation Centre, Co.,Ltd.
  • Asako Hoshino, Executive officer, Executive Vice President, Nissan Motor Co., Ltd.
  • Alberto Tamura, Representative Director, President & CEO, Morgan Stanley Japan Holdings Co.,Ltd.
  • Tadashi Yamanaka, President, VMware K.K.

The conversation was full of rich, actionable insights as to how leading global businesses are championing gender equality in Japan. They share insights into:

  • What they have challenged to ignite change in their organisations
  • How they have prioritised DEI & the impact they have seen
  • How we can foster collective action for gender equality

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