Why do we need to Mind the Gap?

In today’s business landscape, it’s crucial for employers to have a solid strategy for advancing gender equality. As part of this, addressing the gender pay gap is now a necessity. With the recent passing of legislation in March 2023 in Australia to mandate the public disclosure of gender pay gaps, the pace of change is expected to accelerate.

As with any organisational change, there are a number of steps required to yield the value that comes from a more equitable workplace. That’s why, in partnership with ELMO software, we’ve designed a toolkit to assist HR professionals and change managers in navigating the challenges and opportunities associated with addressing gender inequality.

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Articulate the cost

Addressing the gender pay gap requires a change in mindsets, behaviours and processes. The most common barriers to any change project include a lack of understanding as to why change is important and the perceived cost of changing. To overcome these barriers and bring everyone on the journey towards change, you must be ready to engage with stakeholders on the various ethical and legal reasons why closing the gender pay gap is vital, as well as, the specific costs and rewards for closing the gap and – possibly most importantly of all – the cost of not acting.

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Get on the front foot

Conducting your gender pay gap analysis early, before it’s mandatory to disclose, gives you the opportunity to explore the most sustainable ways to address it. The first step is often the hardest, so we’ve created a simple process to follow to get on the front foot and create your own project plan.

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Dig beneath the surface

Now that you have a complete picture of what’s happening with pay gaps, it’s time to step back and ask: what are they really telling you and why does it matter? It matters because for the changes you will make to address the pay gap to be sustainable, they must address the cause of the issue and not just the symptoms.

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Equip your people

Discussing the presence of a gender pay gap and addressing it may not come easily to everyone. While we can’t shy away from the sensitive nature of conversations about salary, career advancement and fairness, it’s equally important that your team and the employees you support are ready to engage in these discussions.

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Build an inclusive workplace culture

Building an inclusive workplace culture is a continuous journey. It’s about creating an environment where diversity is celebrated, and everyone feels valued and empowered. However, it’s essential to move beyond good intentions and strive for meaningful impact. To build an inclusive workplace culture, harness the power of everyday inclusion, backed by both intention and impact.

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